Is it too late to join residency at 32

Is it too late to join residency at 32

You’ll be 35 anyway then why not 35 with Specialist

I joined at 36 MD Derm Age doesn’t matter

Not at all! Age is just a number! Go for it! You’ll be 35 anyway after 3 years might as well be 35 and a specialist 👍

No , I have my co-pgts above 40 years and they are truly inspirational for us in terms of efficiency, and enthusiasm. Academically they are also doing very well.So age is just a number.Regards and best wishes 😊

PS - We do call them dada or didi ( not uncle or aunty).

Of course not. Age is just a number. I joined when I was 28 & have been worked with younger seniors and older juniors. When you join residency, age doesn’t matter at all…

Yes, but what can u do about it anyway so don’t overthink much

Mine co jr joined at 44 for his personal reasons

I know someone who joined mbbs at 36 !! So I’m sure you are not !!

Of course not.You are here for always as a responsible doctor,next to God,garibon ka devta, insult proof,.No body cares about your age,all they want is your energy, zeal to do everything they want… Doesn’t matter if you start @25 or 45… just be good in all things

Previous generation doctors majority did pg in their 30s only…