Is the result gonna be delayed because of the pil filed n supreme court for re exam.?

Is the result gonna be delayed because of the pil filed n supreme court for re exam.?

Pil gang can even delay the whole session

Pg Aspirant those who are not confident on themselves and their life whatever be the circumstances are those gang…

Exam should not happen again and for anyone. Next neet is in april-May. This will be injustice to 1.76 lacs people

It won’t happen again … it was already mentioned on the admit card to get familiar with the center … and to reach before 8:30 … if people didn’t reach on time … its fault on their side … not NBE … Re examination will be total injustice to all those who reached on time … because of few who couldn’t

true it should not happen again…it’s candidate responsibility…to be on time and if one already knows it’s rainy season one must reach before time na…these candidates cleary showing their irresponsibility

In case if the exam happens, we all will have to raise voice against it because it is becoming the most politicised exam in India which should not happen

If at all the petition is accepted it would be some provision for those few candidates(rexam max for them, it at all it happnes) who missed exams. And most likely limited to petitioners. Will have almost very very minimal impact. Almost nil.

There is absolutely no chance for rexams or cancelation for anyone else sir.

The so called PIL GANG, Queen and her warriors are now diverted towards that Microbiology professor case. This side is clear. Need not worry…

one microbiology professor used abusive language against female students. Warriors are in a war in twitter against that professor.

If PIL needs to be filed…it must be against non-disclosure agreement regarding questions…nbe must provide question paper and answer key after exams like UPSC CMS… In that way at least people can know how much they are scoring and also can challenge nbe if they provide wrong answer in the answer key

Ppl are filing pil for every silly reason.!! Re-examination gang will delay the results , reservation gang will delay the counselling