Isn’t morris retractor used to retract liver?

isn’t morris retractor used to retract liver?

A deaver tetractor is used to retract the liver during surgery

it is commonly used during cholecstectmomy. The liver can still be damaged while using this retractor,so care must be taken to avoid using excessive force.

Some surgeons prefer to reduce the risk of liver injury by placing an abdominal pack between the liver and retractor

Deaver’s Retractor is specifically designed for holding the liver up out of the way during a cholecystectomy. It needs to be used carefully to avoid damaging the liver. Morris Retractor is a big retractor which is useful for giving maximum exposure in large incisions such as those used in the abdomen. It can be used to improve visibility on one side of an incision (by pulling firmly in that direction); so is valuable during the initial phase of a laparotomy. Thank you.