It doesn't matter how many times you read plabable

It doesn’t matter how many times you read plabable, if you do not understand the why, what, and when of the question, it won’t matter how many times you read it. That is why it is possible to read it 4 times and still fail. Plabable is very very enough once you realize that plabable is only there to serve as a guide and not as a direct representation of what to expect.

I have friends who read only plabable and did the subscription without bothering with the mocks and they passed with high marks because they understood what was expected of them. Why use ACE inhibitors? Why shouldn’t you use COCP? When do you use alteplase? When not to use BB? Why shouldn’t you use clarithromycin and statins together? Once you get this, no matter how twisted GMC presents the question, you will get what they are asking.

This is not me trying to tone down people’s experiences. Yes, the exam might have been hard for a lot of people, but saying plabable and plabkeys isn’t enough, is very misleading. Not all of us can afford numerous subscriptions and courses. That extra money you might have spent subscribing to 2 or more question banks is someones else’s budget for a night at the hotel they intend to sleep in the night before the exam plus to and fro transportation expenses.

Do what you can afford to do and put in your best. Be confident and learn time management. Good luck.