It's described in app itself bro

It’s described in app itself bro.
I will tell approximate.
Ana 68 physio 45 Bio chem 25
Pharm 30 micro 30 path 75 FM 30

Anatomy 68 hrs is not actually a 68 hrs. It’s more than that. Equal to 240hrs bcoz he doesn’t need to write , everything diagram. So for me per day even though I sit for 12 hrs, I end up in finishing only 2hr videos .

Can finish in hw much days?? Hws the lectures

It depends upon your speed bro. For me I struggled in this Anatomy app bro.
For me I can able to finish only 2hrs per day. Bcoz I will take my own notes, want to draw, do Q Bank

Why do you take your own notes in anatomy. They give handwritten notes. You can personalise it brother

As I have completed NEET prep and exam,I came to know that it is easy to revise to revise handwritten notes than their notes