I've my exam on 24th Jul. I have read my notes

Suggestions required.
I’ve my exam on 24th Jul. I hv read my notes (fa+pathoma+uw) twice. Third going on (notes have become bulkier due to all annotations from fa, pathoma, uw, nbmes)
I’m doing uw second round as of now (finding a lot of new stuff here and there, so it’s a bit slower than expected).
Side by side, I do 1 or 2 blocks of nbmes everyday (offline ones, online ones full on Sundays).
My current scores are around 225-230. Target is 250+.
The targets are overwhelming and I’m not able to achieve them as per my made schedule.
Pls suggest how and what to prioritize as of now. Any other helpful suggestions would be appreciated too.
(started prep in Feb mid)