I've suffered from atopic dermatitis for about 15 years

I’ve suffered from atopic dermatitis for about 15 years. Now I’m 24 and the disease is still active with no really good period. My legs are full of dark spots that I’m afraid to wear shorts or skirts when I go outside. I feel really bad about this. 😭

Any medication that can effectively lighten the dark spots?

Helps with Hyperpigmentation

I don’t have any advice since I’m dealing with the same thing. All I can tell you is that you’re not alone and I totally understand the fear of wearing shorts/skirts/etc. I don’t get flare ups. My legs are just constantly a mess and it’s the only place I have it.

Dealing with the same issue. All I’m trying to do is moisturise my hands and legs well to prevent it from getting worse. Have been advised to apply coconut oil.

It gets on my nerves to wear skirts because I’ll be asked questions. Trying to gain confidence to wear skirts despite the hyperpigmentation.

You aren’t alone, in this together