Just looking for opinions of other IMGs who have come via PLAB route to UK

Just looking for opinions of other IMGs who have come via PLAB route to UK. What do you think about MTI programme as compared to PLAB route for career progression.

Isn’t it professionally better to do training from home country and come here, get in as MTI in Your field of choice and bypass literally all the hurdles to become a gynaecologist, surgeon or radiologist.

There should be some advantage to plab route ppl who are making portfolios and applying in national competition for training positions, and to be honest how many of us can land in their field of choice, eg like surgery or radio. And as an Img we can’t even apply in round 1 ( I know the exceptions, but majority can’t). Whereas MTI can come here and bypass the entire system and pain of finding a training post.

What’s the catch…? Are MTI who become consultants recognised in other countries as conc like Australia/Canada, Middle East? Will their registration get effected if UK eventually, in whatever years isn’t short of doctors ( that’s the aim isn’t it).

Isn’t it unfair on local grads too, that they have to go though years of training, 9 years Straight since med school to become cardiologist for example, plus hiccups at the level of ST3 to get into filed of choice with cut throat competition. While an overseas grad can put in much less effort ( please be honest, much easier to get into surgery or medcine with fcps) and is a consultant in a specialty that plab ppl need to work v v hard for.

My opinion, as it’s a forum I though I could express. Also, if anyone begs to differ they can. I will be watching for opinion of plab route IMGs who start from scratch. Our options are GP and IMT round 2. Where as MTI are surgeons and gynaecologists Without any pain of training from here. How is that, let me say it, fair. I can be enlightened. Or is it okay to advise our junior back home that train from home country and come via MTI and become whatever you want to without any (national) competition.