Keep the Line! In this country if you want to be successful keep the Line!

Keep the Line! In this country if you want to be successful keep the Line! that was the first advice our cousin (one of a very very few foreign trained veterinary doctors licensed 20 years ago in Canada) …20 years later I would say keep the line to anyone who comes here educated in licensed professions elsewhere…My cousin advice was good he now has multiple clinics and is multiple times millionaire …he does surgeries for free for Humane society as a hobby now!..So what does that means for IMGs? The ones who are successful here keep the line! On MCC website is a timeline diagram advising IMGs to match in a year…ONE YEAR! The first one after you arrive!!! do the QE1 and NAC and IELTS and CASper back to back in a YEAR, apply and get in the system ! That is the line…What do unsuccessful IMGs do??? They get in the hand of “immigration consultants” who place them to receive commissions in colleges to study Medical office assistant, “postgrad health care management” and all these tricks!!! telling them they can not come otherwise!!! If the system gives you points for experience backhome it means you need that!!! If you come here without experience , without internship you are restricted to CaRMS only, …get low scores and you are out of the game!!! You think you outsmart the system by coming to study 2 years in diplomas in colleges…you lose the license…OSAP is paying for YOU!!! whow!!! YOu are stuck learning EMR and medical terminology and anatomy for 2 years…you get pregnant, some get divorced …life happens …another year passes…IMGs come crying to us that after 5 years they did not do any exams!!! some after 10!!! you need to go back to where you came, do internship, renew practice, reset the time to O… no recency of practice and bad scores+ recipe for total failure …then keep the line!! do back to back exams and get in!!! You look back and years were wasted in which you could have been a licensed physician…instead you were OSAP student in MOA or postgrad students in a private college!! If you are in your home country…go and see what the government wants from a medical professional to come here…fulfill the requirements! they are there for a reason! get internship! get 1 year experience ! get the exams done in a year after you come…get in the system! Keep the LINE!