Know about medical council registration

The Medical Council of India recently suspended an orthopedic surgeon for 5 years from practicing because of his lapsed license. This has brought the act of Medical Council registrations to the fore.
A complaint against the now-suspended surgeon was filed with the council, claiming negligence. Even though he was exonerated of the negligence charges, he was found guilty for practicing without a license.

Many in the medical community has said that the final decision was harsh. But the decision makes it clear that all medical practitioners who engage in practice of modern medicine and all its branches should register with the council.

However, there seems to be lack of clarity regarding registering among doctors. The following points would hopefully shed more light on the matter:

  1. Not just practising doctors, PG medical students should also register with the council.

Once you have passed MBBS from a recognised medical institution, you are required to have council registration. A common misconception exists among PG and super-specialty medical students that they do not require council registration since they lack an independent practice.The reality is that since PG/SS students would have to treat patients as part of education, they should have the registration.

  1. The idea that the council registrations are needed only for private practice is held by many. But that is the wrong notion.

Regardless of whether you have government, semi-government, army or private practice, all doctors should have the valid registration.

All state medical councils have a register that contains details and particulars of medical practitioners in the state including doctors in both private and government practice.

  1. All additional qualifications after MBBS should also be updated with the respective council.

Unless the updation happens, a medical practitioner couldn’t practice the specialty of the particular additional qualification.

  1. Even if you have MCI registration, you should also have a state registration.

In the absence of an independent state medical council, the MCI maintains a register containing the details of medical practitioners in the state or union territory. However, if a state medical council does exist, a doctor practicing in that state/union territory must register with them if s/he is to practice in that region.

  1. A single state council registration is often not enough to practice anywhere in India.

The fact is that unless otherwise specified, a single medical council registration only enables practice within the state boundary. To practice in another state, the registration need to be obtained from the relevant state medical council.

  1. You should renew the registration according to the duration and conditions stipulated by the state medical council.

The periodic intervals laid out by different state medical councils may vary.

Disclaimer: The content provided here is for general information alone and should not be taken as legal advice. For the same, you should consult a certified legal professional.