Let's voice for ONE COUNTRY - ONE BOND - 1 STIPEND

Let’s voice for ONE COUNTRY - ONE BOND - 1 STIPEND

The day bond comes into effect in Delhi (Delhi’s bond assigned to ramdom states anywhere in india by lottery system) with similar stipend like southern states, delhi will lose its demand for preference ( except for the better hospitals)


Think about it.

So difficult to put the choices in counseling due to Bond and stipend inequality.

You are free to criticise or abuse me.

Just think about it.


Submit a PIL and irritate them more?

Bro our brothers from south are getting just 35k stipend with 5 years bond meanwhile 1lac stipend and no bond in delhi.

sir with due respect i would like to answer why change is not coming to this system because everyone wants to be get privileged . But less than 1% gets those opportunity rest just end up in setteling for low.

No, because of your saying… there will be a shutdown in Delhi… because there is a good pressure on the government to give remuneration of a doctor in Delhi… Delhi will continue its culture… because all passouts are closed By giving 1 lakhs per month to everyone… Kejriwal doesn’t have to increase the expenses anymore…

If pg is for three years through out India …bond can also be uniform…it doesn’t affect the reputation of an institution…

For Stipend let it be decided by the concerned state govt

But bond can be made uniform

Health is a state subject and the different bonds are implemented by the particular state! And Delhi has nothing to do with various bonds and of different duration in other states unless you meant Union health ministry or NMC by Delhi

Don’t mean to discourage you!