Life of a doctor is always very tough

Life of a doctor is always very tough ,doesn’t mean other professions dont require hard work , they equally do the same . But , one thing to remember , you as a doctor , your intentions and good will towards human or towards human life will decide whether you will be a good or great doctor . Remember , most doctors are good but a very few are great .
Here is few #tips from my side even tough i never count myself a successful person yet . I always believe best is yet to come .
:heavy_check_mark:Always tell yourself you are the best , and you can do better than others .
:heavy_check_mark:Keep challenging your ability .
:heavy_check_mark:If you start thinking i will be like this person or that person , probably you are restricting your dreams .
:heavy_check_mark: Every tough situation remember one thing , always there is a way and never give up. Failing will make you twice powerful in life .
:heavy_check_mark: Always respect women and give outmost respect they deserve.
:heavy_check_mark:Ask yourself what do you want from life or what is your aim and where do you want to see yourself after 5 years .
:heavy_check_mark:If you can’t full fill your desired destination its ok at least you will be near by .
:heavy_check_mark: Try learn from every single person . Every has some skills and do respect it .
:heavy_check_mark:And No matter what happens in life keep smiling ~ Dr Shahriar Ahmed Sujoy