List of ijmportant sources for *USMLE STEP 1*:

this is from a student whi scored 250+ in step 1

Hope this is helpful
List of ijmportant sources for USMLE STEP 1:

FA :sparkle:
Biochem and genetics- kaplan biochem flashcards by baron, genetic diseases of goljan
Behavioral science- high yield, kaplan
Molecular bio and histology- FA
Embryology and anatomy- high yield, FA. Moore’s blue boxes
Neuroscience- kaplan, BRS
Physiology- BRS. Linda contanzo
Microbiology- made ridiculously simple, flash cards by somer.
Immunology- kaplan, high yield
Pathology- goljan, robbins, pathoma videos,
Pharmacology- kaplan, Dr.Raymond, flash cards by baron
Usmle rx
Kaplan Qbank