Lots of people have doubt , how to proceed with medicine residency

Lots of people have doubt , how to proceed with medicine residency, I hope this thread will help u cope up with the subject.

  1. First Nd foremost thing to be noted is that in residency no one is going to spoon feed u, one because everyone is busy with their patient schedule at multiple places, second everyone knows that at end of 3 yr u will be their competitor professionally. So most of the things u will watch and learn from ur seniors per say .

  2. Get ready for one of the toughest year of your life, not because of the patient or toxic department, but because of the multiple stations that medicine pgts have to run, like normal opd… emergency… infectious ward… hypertension clinic… diabetes clinic…covid rounds…SARI wards…flu opd …rheumat clinics…specialisation postings in multiple departments…

  3. Since u have a hectic schedule, try to read atlst what major things u are getting in ur wards Nd emergency, read apply and evolve…go for Harrison and simple clinical methods book, try to understand abcd of ECG…

  4. Try to train ur ears…the more u hear , more u will learn what patient heart Nd lungs are telling u, initially it is difficult to evaluate but with the time everything comes on top.

  5. Get connected with ur teachers, ask them, let them speak, trust me their experience is unmatchable and they will tell u minor details that u have to observe, but the point is u have to ignite them to tell

  6. Patients are the best teacher, they will guide u to diagnosis…just hear them properly Nd deal accordingly.

  7. If u thing somehow that u r breaking up with this duty schedule, it’s beyond ur limit, just remember that u wanted this field on ur own, u desired to be a good one in this field…Nd this struggle is way better than what u face in ur preparation days…u will see tha patient coming in most critical condition and ur efforts will send him smiling…this will give u all the peace u can get

  8. And most important thing that differentiates between other people practicing and medicine resident is you know what not to give, ReSt others know only what to give…