Love Syndrome disease

Aetiology : Unkown

Age of Onset : Teenage. Recent studies
have shown that it may affect people upto 25 years of age.

Risk Factors : The age itself is the major risk factor. Others include
(a) Co-education
(b) Cell Phones
(c) Movies
(d) Internet Of these the part played by the cell phones is note worthy.

Multi Organ System Failure

Clinical Features

A) The most common presenting feature is
throbbing pain in the heart often described by the patient as sweet pain.
B) Loss of appetite.
C) Sleeplessness.
D) Day dreaming
E) Disinterest in any type of work. There is a danger of patient being transformed into a

A) Very much dilated pupil (In search of his sweet
B) Blushing of cheeks (mainly seen in girls).
C) On Auscultation:
The First Heart Sound is heard as LOVE instead of LUB.
D) Smiling to self.

Pathogenesis and Clinical Course
The Disease is Gradual in onset. The patient presents with vague symptoms like loss of appetite,
sleeplessness, etc., As time progress mutli organ system involvement occurs with
varied symptoms. The symptoms are aggravated at the sight of patients sweet
heart. The sight of patients love causes the contraction of the radial fibres of
the iris muscle leading to the dilation of the pupil. The eyes remain wide open
and cease to blink. The Zygomaticus major muscle automatically contarcts and the
patient smiles (Smile at Sight Phenomenon). As the patient approaches his sweet
heart, action potentials are generated at an irregular rate in the heart and the
normal rhythm of the heart is lost. Microscopic examination of the cardiac
muscle reveals the presence of abnormal pacemaker tissue at certain areas called
the ROMANTIC SPOTS that are responsible for the lost rhythm of the Heart. The
patient feels agitated, and a throbbing pain develops in the heart. The
characteristc feature of the pain that patient wants to feel it more and more.
In advanced stages, the brain is affected. If not treated properly, the patient
may go bad.

Marriage Therapy holds promise of 100% cure rates. If is effective only after 22 years of age. If performed early,
it may lead to adverse reactions.

Preventive Measures
Several attempts have been made to prevent the disease. The WLO (World Love
Organization) expert committee has finally declared that the disease is
inevitable during the age group and its prevention is literally impossible. Any
attempts to interrupt the normal course of the disease may lead to more severe
from of disease. So interventional measures are highly contraindicated for this