Magistrate barges into college campus and #harasses #professor

Magistrate barges into college campus and #harasses #professor

Counting of college elections vote was going on in #chirayu_medical_college when it was interrupted by 5-10 uniform clad policemen and high court judge along with his sons

Earlier in the day one of the college professor responsible for maintaing proper discipline , scolded MBBS 3rd year student Sameer Mohammed for repeatedly breaching the model code of conduct. He was creating a nuisance by constantly shouting slogans when he had been repeatedly told not to.
He was scolded by the professor and made to do sit ups
The video footage of student being scolded was uploaded on social media by one of his friends as a prank

This social media post was seen by student’s elder brother Nadir Mohammed, who then along with his father who is a jabalpur high Court judge and 8-10 policemen barged into the college campus
The judge in question was Fahim Mohammed Anwar( Jabalpur High Court Magistrate)
With his sons Sameer Mohammed and Nadir Mohammed

He came into the college not as a father but as a high court judge

The elder brother Nadir Mohammed repeatedly slaped the professor

He then Dragged him in front of students, and asked the professor to apologize back to the student or do sit ups

They were also repeatedly insulting the professor and asked him to do demeaning tasks in front the students and started recording the footage and sharing it on social media

They did this inhuman behavior in front of same students who he teaches everyday in the college

They recorded a video of him apologizing to the high court judges son and threatened him further.