Many topics of other subjects like Medicine, Surgery,OBG, Ortho ,and Pediatrics were also covered from this Book

● Many topics of other subjects like Medicine, Surgery,OBG, Ortho ,and Pediatrics were also covered from this Book…
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#AIIMSmay2019 Questions…

1)Post streptococcal glomerulonephritis
2) Hepcidin inhibits-----ferroportin
4)AL has kappa light chain most commonly ( false )
5) SAA is most common in Mediterranean fever(true)
6)Senile amyloidosis is d/t beta 2m macroglobulin (False)
7)On Congo staining, amyloid shows apple green birefringence (True)
8) Howell jolly bodies ------Nuclear remnants
9) Dhole bodies------RER remnants
10) Auer rods ------Azurophilic granules
11) Flame cells-----IgG inclusions
12) Reversible cell injury
13) Berry aneurysm----intimal elastic lamina damage
14) clotting factor in sequence----12-9-10-5-13
15) Intrinsic clotting pathway test by----APTT
16) In vivo, coagulation pathway can be activated by-----Tissue factor
17) A patient was exposed to Hepatitis B infection which markers will always be present even when the patient becomes chronic or recovers----anti HBc antibody
18) A thalassemia with need of recurrent transfusions. But he develops transfusion reaction like fever and chills. What can be done to the blood to decrease the rate transfusion reaction?----- Leucocyte depletion
19) A CKD patient had to undergo dialysis. His Hb was 5.2. So two blood transfusions were to be given. First bag was completed in 2 hours. Second was started and midway between he developed shortness of breath, hypertension, Vitals : BP 180/100 mm hg, PR 110/min. What is the cause------- Transfusion- related circulatory overload ( TACO).
20) Dystrophic calcification in seen in?----Myositis ossificans
21) . Most common tumor in mediastinum is-----Thymoma <<<<Neurogenic
22) Intermediate filament-----Cytokeratin, Vimentin, and Desmin.
23) responsible for cell cycle arrest after damage to DNA-----p53
24) . In a pedigree, it was seen that affected male had no affected offspring but affected females had all affected offspring.-------Mitochondrial inheritance.

  1. Which will show acute inflammatory response------ Necrosis
  2. 45/male complaining of hot flushes each time he baths. Hb: 20gm%, Platelet count: 89000/ul, WBC: 30,000/ul. Investigations revealed JaK-2 mutation. What is the most like diagnosis-------PCV (Polycythemia Vera)
  3. Sunburn----- Delayed prolonged
  4. Bacteria causing Necrosis to endothelial cells------ Immediate prolonged
  5. In sickle cell anaemia, mutation seen in---- Point mutation
  6. Regulatory T cells------CD 4, CD 25 and FOX-P3 positive
  7. A vegetarian female presented with easy fatigability, lethargy and splenomegaly 3cm below coastal margin. Investigation revealed: WBC 3100/ul, Hb 7.1 gm%, Reticulocytes 2%, Platelets 95000/ul. What is the least likely diagnosis------ Primary Myelofibrosis