Marrow achieves a yield of 200+ questions in NEET PG 2018

After NEET PG 2018, we took some time to analyze the exam and compare it with Marrow’s test series, QBank & Video lessons.

This is what we discovered.

Marrow achieved a high yield of 200+ questions, of which 168 questions were repeated directly from our question banks and an additional 52 as derivative questions. This exam has re-emphasized the need for repeated revision and solving MCQs rather than just reading them.

Here are the screenshots of questions that came from Marrow!

This is no accident.

This is the direct consequence of meticulous analysis and intense review by our faculty and team, and we are proud of our results. All the topics from the above questions are considered to be high-yield and we recommend revising them multiple times for the upcoming exams.

This once again reinforces the fact that Marrow is the gold standard for new pattern NEET PG preparation. We are very sure that Marrow will have similar and even higher conversion rates in the upcoming exams. We strongly recommend an early start and performing multiple revisions to benefit the most from Marrow.

Disclaimer: No questions are reproduced or shared as suggested by NBE guideline