Model Questions : CHEMISTRY

1.Among them intensive property is
(a) Mass
(b) Volume
© Surface tension
(d) Enthalpy

  1. Stainless steel is an alloy of
    (a) Copper
    (b) Nickel and chromium
    © Manganese
    (d) Zinc

  2. Orion has a unit
    (a) Vinyl cyanide
    (b) Carolina
    © Glycol
    (d) Isoprene

  3. Structure of H2O2 is
    (a) Planer
    (b) Non-planar
    © Liner
    (d) Three-dimensional

  4. Triple point of water is
    (a) 273 K
    (b) 373 K
    © 203 K
    (d) 193 K

  5. What is the % of acetic acid present in vinegar?
    (a) 6-10%
    (b) 70-80%
    © 7-8%
    (d) 90-100%

  6. Nitrous oxide is known as
    (a) Breathing gas
    (b) Laughing gas
    © Exercising gas
    (d) Laboratory gas.

  7. Heat exchanged in a chemical reaction at the constant temperature and pressure is known as
    (a) Internal energy
    (b) Entropy
    © Enthalpy
    (d) Free energy

  8. By which reaction a ketone can be converted into a hydrocarbon?
    (a) Aldol condensation
    (b) Reimer-Tiemann reaction
    © Cannizzaro reaction
    (d) Wolf-Kishner reaction

  9. The photo-chemical laws are applicable to
    (a) Primary reaction
    (b) Secondary reaction
    © Both of these
    (d) None of these