Model Questions- Physics #NEETUG2018 Q6-Q10

  1. A wire carrying current I and other carrying 2I in the same direction produces a magnetic field B at the midpoint. What will be the field when 2I wire is switched off?
    (a) B/2
    (B) 2B
    © B
    (D) 4B

  2. If error in measurement of radius of sphere is 1%, what will be the error in measurement of volume?
    (a) 1%
    (B) 1/3%
    © 3%
    (D) 10%

  3. Minimum numbers of unequal vectors which can give zero resultant are
    (a) Two
    (B) Three
    © Four
    (D) More than four

  4. A large ship can float but a steel needle sinks because of
    (a) Viscosity
    (B) Surface tension
    © Density
    (D) None of these

  5. In a solenoid, if number of turns is doubled, then self-inductance will become
    (a) Half
    (B) Doubled
    © 1/4Times
    (D) Quadruped