Most girls don't understand this because of complicated classes given at school

Most girls don’t understand this because of complicated classes given at school, plus we don’t listen to our bodies too.

*- MENSTRUAL PERIOD * This is the moment blood flows into your intimate part.

    • MENSTRUAL CYCLE *: The days it takes to have another blood flow period in the month.
  • If the back time you saw your menstrual period was June 11 and it resumed July 10, then you have a menstrual cycle of 30 days. (counted from June 11 to July 10) *

  • Note: It is wrong to believe that his 28-day cycle is a disease, women have different menstrual cycle ranging from 21 to 35 days.*


Time to get pregnant stress free.

  • It’s 2 week after your period or 2 week before the following period *

  • Here’s a simple way to calculate your ovulation period *

1-) from the first day you see the blood of your period.

2-) choose a calendar and count 15 days including the first day of the blood stain.

3-) mark the fifteenth day with a pen.

4-) mark 3 days before day 15 and mark 3 days after day 15

5-) you will notice you have 7 days marked.

6-) it’s 7 days represent your ovulation period and your fertile days also known as dangerous period.

  • If you have sex in these days, you have a 98 % chance of getting pregnant.*

  • Do this every month diligently.*

  • Every other day; it’s safety period.*

You can have sex without worries just in case you don’t need a child right now.

  • For example 😘

1-) you noticed the task on July 11, 2019


2.) 15 days after the first day of the blood stain will be the 25th of this July also (2 week after) starting day 11

3.) Day 15 is July 25, 2020

4.) 3 days until 15th is 23 22 24

5.) 3 days after July 25th is 27 26 28

6.) July 22-28 (7 days) is your ovulation period. It’s your fertile time.

  • Don’t forget that the 3 day is a reminder that the semen stays in the female body for about 3 days *

  • Any sexual contact during the ovulation period leads to the formation of a being with ears, eyes etc…

  • If you want a little girl have sex report between three days before ovulation (22-24th) 2018 *

  • For a boy have sex on ovulation day (15th day) and 3 days after day 15.*


  • You don’t need a doctor,*

Hold on. After two weeks you can feel the following:

1-) headaches

2-) elevation of body temperature

3-) vertigo (feeling fatigue and sleepiness)

4-) breast sensitivity / size increases like when you have your period.

5-) increase in sexual reports.

6-) cramps or pain on one side of the pool.

7-) abdomen swelling

🤓 acrus sense of smell, taste or vision (eating you more)

9-) the vaginal mucus becomes slippery (if you notice put it between your fingers… it stretches like a thick catarrh or snail mucus… colorless as the egg white.

  • NB:l’instance here is for ladies with a 30 day cycle. If yours is 28, days is 14 days and not 15 days.*

  • If you have a headache check if your period has begun.*