MRCP Part 1 Video Lectures by Pastest Free Download [Direct Link]

Pastest is one of the most popular online MRCP Part 1 resources when it comes to exam preparation. Recently, we published articles related to Pastest Past Papers for MRCP Part 1 and Pastest Notes for MRCP Part 1 and witnessed an overwhelming response from our readers. :slightly_smiling_face: Today, in this article we are going to share with you Pastest MRCP Part 1 Video Lectures. These MRCP Part 1 Video Lectures were discovered from a Google Drive repository. A file contained links to these video lectures and upon further investigation, we found that these lectures are very useful. Thus, we decided to share them in a blog post. We hope all those who are preparing for the exam will find these MRCP Part 1 Video Lectures useful. :slightly_smiling_face:

Pastest website calls these MRCP Part 1 video lectures “Integrated Bite-Sized Videos” because they are available along with their high-yield answer explanations which enable the test takers to make the most of their revision sessions.

These video lectures have been prepared by subject experts and teachers keeping in mind the exact curriculum prescribed by the Royal College of Physicians. Developers working at Pastest have employed “infographic style” for creating these Pastest MRCP Part 1 Video Lectures so that the high-yield important concepts are easily memorized.

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