MRI Accidents ! Be careful

MRI Accidents !!! Be careful
• If a ferromagnetic item is brought into the room (wrench, oxygen tank) this item will become a projectile and attract towards the magnet with tremendous force
• This item will fly toward the center of the magnet and take anything in its path with it
• Ex: If a patient comes in with an unsafe wheelchair, the wheelchair will fly to the center of the magnet with the patient in the chair
• There have been many MRI accidents since MRI was introduced in the 1980’s
• Examples include, but are not limited to:
– Patient having an MRI Unsafe aneurysm clip in the brain, resulting in the death of the patient
– Six year old boy struck with an oxygen tank, resulting in his death
– Patient having nail clippers in his pocket. When being sent into the scanner, the clippers flew out of the pocket and struck the patient in the eye. As a result, this patient lost his eye
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