MS Gen Surgery vs MD Anesthesia.. go

MS Gen Surgery vs MD Anesthesia… go

Jokes apart both good branch

But don’t take anaesthesia if you love surgery, won’t be able to forgive yourself when you see surgeons operating

very true and that does not mean a surgeon can operate even without anaesthesia!

obviously anaesthesia is a very cool branch

yes hours of boredom,minutes of thrill and seconds of horror framed together

Medicine lover…not getting medicine…can opt for anesthesia…can get the thrill of medicine…whereas anyone who loves surgery should nvr take it…u wll nvr forgive urself…

Sayan Banerjee please watch session of various medicine teachers… Its a grave mistake if u think anesthesia can give a kick of medicine… Both r entirely different when u practice

i know …bt someone lovine medical speciality nd end up taking surgery…is not a good thng even…isnt it?

If u are a girl ,

Go for MD Anesthesia and marry a surgeon

Fir paisa he Paisa … 😜

Work - life balance also

You don’t have to miss him and or keep an eye on him …

Eyes closed no comparison …surgery is the best …as an anaesthetist u are always an underdog facilitating a surgeon who does the surgery and manage the icu of pts operated by surgeon. You will feel and to vent off frustration u will always be a hurdle in surgeons plan of surgery …

if you feel an anaesthetist is a hurdle to your “plan” of surgery I guess you should do all your cases under local then. Oh shoot… But then your patients will decide to keep their gallbladders and their hernia sacs

You have to Decide about your liking to Blood or Brain!!!Now I think you are just in the Blood - Brain Barrier, So you have to decide which side you want to go😂😂😂.

Jokes apart, All the subjects have their own importance. Decision regarding choice of subject purely depends on your interest and liking.