My AMC part 1 study journey

My AMC part 1 study journey

I sat my exam and was given the good news of passing my stage 1 AMC multiple-choice exam. I was overwhelmed with joy and couldn’t put my journey into words until now. I’ve had time to think clearly about what things helped me start and pass my exam and wanted to share it with you all.

Like everyone I’ve had my ups and downs trying to reach my goal but the most important thing is perseverance.

Firstly, I highly recommend every candidate to join a class at the beginning of your journey. This will help you establish a foundation to build your skills knowledge and exam content. My huge thanks goes towards Dr Shahriar Ahmed! His classes are well structured not only content-wise but he gives great advice in how best to study, how best to divide your time, and what topics to focus on in the exam. There is so much to say for Dr. Shahriar but I think his work speaks louder than words. Bless you, sir and I hope the best for you

Secondly, find a study partner. I cannot stress this enough! You NEED one. Both you and your partner will motivate each other and hold each other accountable for your journey together. Try to get a partner who will sit the exam around your time as this will help you both stay motivated and on track.

Following off what I said above, book your exam! I was lazy at the start because I didn’t book my exam but the time I did I was motivated and this helped me to stay on track.

Next, make a planner. Generally, your rule of thumb is that you need 5-6 months to pass the exam. Therefore, each month note down what you want to accomplish for example, personally in the first 3 months I focused on building my theory/ content this includes understanding every disease presentation, differential diagnosis, investigations, and management. In the second three months, I started to conjoin what I had learnt in the first three months (theory) with question banks and recalls. My recommendation for question banks would be the Mplus and AMEDEX Qbanks. This was by recommendation for Dr Shahriar and his classes also offer some free question banks so you can have a real feel of the type of questions that will come in your exam. It will also evaluate your level as you go so you know how to improve your clinical judgment and management as you go in your journey.

Next, start compiling your theory content! Your human so we forget if you keep your theory content written someplace it will help you review and go back to refer. Also having notes make you read them often therefore you memorise the content.

Test yourself with your partner. Have days in the week for a fortnight where you and your partner test each other this will help you boost your knowledge and memory skills.

Finally, when it comes to exam time. This being your last two-three months. You should already be very confident in your clinical information this time you shouldn’t focus too much on learning content but instead focus on reviewing what notes you have and doing lots of question banks and recalls. This is because you will be familiar with the types of questions that can come in the exam.

I won’t lie the exam is a long journey its tough but we are trying to be doctors. People who will be operating saving and helping other people in society it’s our duty to do our best to study the content and hopefully save lives and make a difference in the world. It’s thus a tough exam but if your persevere and think clearly with a good plan and great teachers like Dr Shahriar you will reach your goal. I hope I have helped.

My tips for exam day

The exam is usually more conceptual based rather than theory therefore it requires you to think like a doctor in the field. What would you do? What would you say? Don’t overwhelm during the exam, if you find a question that is difficult to answer immediately flag and move on because it will eat your time and review later when you get time in the end.

Get plenty of rest and try to eat food before your exam I know stress and nerves can sometimes make you lose your appetite but it’s a 3-hour exam and your mind needs glucose to think.

And if you need any other information dm me I’m more than happy to help you.

Good luck all future candidates