My category is OBC(creamy layer =CL).Rulewise,

Please don’t mock🙏🙏

My category is OBC(creamy layer =CL).Rulewise, I will not get any reservation. But today the informations in the process of Registration, showing me as a OBC (Non creamy=NCL).

As much I remember, from the exam form fillup, upto now, i haven’t been said to give any such information , from which they can conclude my CL-NCL status.Even the payment for me was also less(rs. 10500).

I don’t want any reservation.I am rather afraid of getting disquallified in this counselling.

I have already mailed, to the gmail address of MCC. Please help me.

I am really worried🙏🙏.what can I do?

Are you facing similar thing?

Will it be problematic?

If you’re alloted an OBC seat at round 1, then you may have to surrender that seat, as you won’t be able to produce obc NCL certificate.

From round 2 onwards, you should be able to participate as general candidate.

State counseling eo bodhoy there is an option of selecting your category before counseling. Tui seta use korte paris.

Problem is, the fee. General candidates and OBC-CL have to deposit a fee of 25k. Extra 15k fee ta round 2 er age kokhon dibi, seta information brochure e kothao lekha nei.

Clear it out because you will be asked to produce certificate later and you may miss your actual

Seat due this problem. Because obc creamy comes under UR