My dear Fellow's high time.. General category docs should gain some unity

My dear Fellow docs…it’s high time… General category docs should gain some unity nd prove our spines

They said…EWS is supernumerary…how can they deduct seats from Gen cat

I m gonna dig all my friends who r having EWS category nd gonna approach them legally!!

I will make sure…did these people seriously deserve EWS or they made it by back doors!!

I m gonna do it as my part

Nd most importantly…our fight against this murder of merit must continue…time to show our unity

Funds laao or case ladho bus. Yahi kar sakte hai UR candidates.

yes bro we have to do something otherwise medical se open category hi nikal jayegi sirf social Backwardness ke basis pe doctors banege

Even those who make it in GM will plan to fly abroad as they wouldn’t want their kids to go through this kind of discrimination

If OBC was implemented without EWS, people would have focus on OBC.

But now it is on EWS

And the government will implement OBC very easily.

Government is clever, boys should enjoy OBC SC ST, OBC SC ST, EMS PMs, all are finished and if not all, then why do OBC say only EWS is targeted, we are born and earn more, then also we need reservation, if you have done MBBS together. Where are you behind?