My scores are not at all great

Please help me.

My YOG is 2014. No visa required
My scores are not at all great.
I had 2 failures in step 1, 3rd time score of 198
Step 2 ck 210 step 2 cs pass, step 3 200 all in one attempt.
This year I had 2 interviews in Family medicine ,1 because of contact.
I am very confused as to whether to give up my hopes for residency or continue despite my scores and attempts.

Last time I had 7 months USCE, all from internal medicine
. Apart from USCE I have experience working with hospitalists group for 2 years As a medical scribe and almost 1 year in an Urgent care

I applied to both IM and FM .

I recieved interviews in FM.

Please let me know what I can do differently this year or if I should give up my journey to match.

Which field should I continue?

Should I give up all my hopes?
What should I do differently?

Please please let me know your suggestion.
I would be so grateful.