NEET PG 21-393 marks, rank 47K( was doing bond job)

Long post alert…

•NEET PG 21-393 marks, rank 47K( was doing bond job)

•INI cet Nov 21-filled exam form but didn’t attempt due to fear of failure

•INI May 22: 16.5 k rank

•NEET PG 2022: 547 marks 4993 rank.

This post is for all average students.I prepared from marrow notes+plan B.

After INI Nov 21,i left job and started my preparation.My Grand test journey~

JAN 2: 102 correct~65 percentile

JAN 23: 96 correct

JAN 30: 107 C

Feb 20: 119 C~71 percentile

Feb 28: 126 C~68 percentile

Ini mock 121 C~83 percentile

I was giving many GT on other platform was scoring same 120- 125 correct…

neet Mock : 140 correct

Last GT 15: 135 correct~487 marks…

I never reached 90 percentile in any of GT. I just focussed on the process instead of results. In last 1 -1.5 mnth focused on previous yrs questions.

Gave some 2 CBT which had question which were not from my notes.Obviously it affected my studies for 1 wk.But i kept studying.

I think most important in this process is your attitude.If you keep thinking that pg exam hard …you will not be able to do it…it appears impossible task.Positive attitude is very important.Everyone does the hard work.But"Attitude is everything ".So keep calm just have believe in God,believe in yourself that you will “crack it”.You will surely crack it.