Negative pressure room for TB

February recalls

  1. Negative pressure room for TB

  2. Homeless patient with TB management

(I think there were 1 or 2 more TB questions)

  1. Aspirate pulmonary exhudate to relieve terminally ill patient

  2. Retinitis pigmentaria

  3. Acute angle glaucoma

  4. Melanoma

  5. Kawasaki (I think it was immunoglobulin)

  6. Polycystic ovary

  7. Duchenne’s hereditary pattern

  8. Trigeminal neuralgia

  9. Depression in patient with Parkinson (was it depression or was he non compliant or maybe he was overmedicated)

  10. Respiratory alkalosis

  11. Next step in patient with hypocalcaemia who had been already started on fluids but was also confused and agitated (furosemide or haloperidol)

  12. Management of agitated patient in A&E when you don’t know about his medical history

  13. Incomplete abortion

  14. Vasa praevia?

  15. Fat embolism

  16. Molluscus management

  17. Melanoma

  18. Immediate management of Vena Cava SD?

  19. Acute pain and swollen calf (was it DVT or tendon rupture?)

  20. 2-3 questions about opioid overdose/toxicity

  21. Sensibility of a test, was it 60%?

  22. COPD exacerbation o asthma: non invasive ventilation?

  23. Double the dose or hydrocortisone in patient with infection and Addison

  24. Cushing

  25. Management of patient with oral thrush? Fluconazole suspension?

  26. Daughter who wants to take a lot of money from her mother with dementia to buy a car. Safeguarding?

  27. 3 or 4 questions about pain management in the terminally ill

  28. Alendronic acid for patient with fracture?

  29. Investigation in middle age patient with fracture

  30. First diagnostic test in child with epiglottitis (I think it was X ray of the neck)

  31. Non Hodgkin lymphoma?

  32. Intermittent dysphagia and level on chest X-ray behind the heart

  33. Barium swallow in young patient with intermittent dysphagia

  34. Patient with pain and paracetamol was not enough but I think he was allergic to NSAIDS?

  35. Hypoglycemia management: 20% glucose IV

  36. Which nerve root if middle and anular finger compromised? Or was it index finger?

  37. Most important risk factor for ectopic pregnancy if patient had Chlamydial infection

  38. Ectopic pregnancy with side abdominal pain and empty uterus

  39. Contraceptive of choice in young woman with epilepsy

  40. Management plan in woman taking COCP and new onset migraine with aura

  41. Patient with migraine and motor symptoms who still has difficulty speaking

  42. Most effective management of secondary enuresis in 6 yo

  43. Woman with stress incontinence: Initial management’s

  44. Pregabalin for management of neuropathic pain in patient with cancer

  45. Duloxetine in management of neuropathic pain

  46. VI CP ophtalmoplegia

  47. Delirium

  48. Maxilla fracture

  49. Thyroglossal cyst

  50. Inguinal mass that protrudes with cough

  51. Heart failure palliative patient with oedema and Ascitis. Managemente? Was it swap something for furosemide or midazolam or morphine?

  52. Myocardial infarction 6 weeks ago is an absolute contraindication for elective surgery

  53. Sertraline for depression in patient who suffered a MI recently

  54. Coxsackie virus

  55. Clostridium difficile

  56. Almost exact question with Clostridium

  57. ANA if lupus suspected

  58. Patient with anaemia and peripheral nervous system symptoms - B12

  59. CT angio for suspected PE

  60. Paracetamol or aspirin overdose???

  61. Calcium chloride for Hyperkalaemia acute management

  62. Osteomalacia: measure vitamin D ?

  63. Scabies symptoms caused by allergic reaction

  64. Breast abscess is usually caused by S. areus

  65. Acyclovir in pregnant woman exposed to chickenpox

  66. Sarcoidosis and bilateral hiliar lymphadenopathy

  67. Foreign object in child’s nostril

  68. ECG. AF management. HR of 90. Options were betablockers, digoxine…Could someone post right answer?

  69. ECG. Symptomatic Mobitz 1 management.

  70. Management of thrombus caused by myxoma?

  71. Patient with acute intoxication, dilated pupils, I don’t remember the other observations. What caused the intoxication (someone with the right answer?)

  72. Medication that can elicit psychosis (I chose corticosteroids)

  73. ECG. Which artery has caused MI with V2-V6 ST elevation

  74. Mediastinitis

  75. Negative fecal antigens for H. Pylori. Omeprazol trial has failed in patient with dysphagia?

  76. Postpartum blues

  77. 1+ proteinuria. Retake

  78. Management of MI. Morphine, oxygen, nifedipine?

  79. Post-op patient who is well but with raised CRP. Retake in 24 hours.

  80. Chron with right sided mass

  81. UC with megacolon

  82. Reassure IUD user with spotting

  83. Albumine measure in child with nephrotic SD

  84. Patient who suffered accident and first is unconscious, then has lucid interval. Then dies. Extra or epidural or subdural haematoma.

  85. Patient with Wenicke. Vitamin B complex.

  86. Best management of alcoholic inpatient who will undergo surgery. Chlordiazepoxide?

  87. Alcoholic patient who takes amoxicilin and now has jaundice and hepatitis

  88. Suicidal patient who is unsure about trying again. Call psychiatry team before discharge.

  89. Lithium should be measured 12 hours after last take

  90. DNR. Should discuss with family but ultimately doctor doesn’t need the approval. It said first approach. What did you choose.