Newborn commonly has following except

Newborn commonly has following except –

  1. Milia
  2. Mongolian spots
  3. Epstein pearls
  4. None of the above


There are some minor clinical problems which can occur in normal newborn and require no treatment.
The problems are -

  1. Milia

White dots on nose and face due to distended sebaceous glands. These diseappear spontaneously.
2. Erythema toxicum

Erythematous papules on trunk & face.
Appear on 2nd & 3rd day and disappear spontaneously.
3. Mongolian spots

Bluish spots on the buttocks and trunk.
Disappear before first birthday.
4. Stork bites

Pinkish gray capillary hemangiomas on the nape of neck, upper eyelids, forehead & nose.
These disappear spontaneously.
5. Peeling of skin

More frequent in post-term infants, but can also occur in term infants.
6. Subconjuctival hemorrhages

Disappear spontaneously
7. reast engorgment

Due to transplacentally acquired maternal hormones.
Seen on 3rd or 4th day.
8. Epstein pearl

Epithelial inclusion cysts, which appear as whitish spots.
These are of two types -
Palatal → On hard palate or on either side of median raphe.
Prepucia → At the tip of prepuce at 6 ‘0’ clock position.
9. Pre-deciduous (natal) teeth

Supernumerary teeth in the lower incisor position.
These are shed before the primary dentition.
10. Vaginal bleeding

On 3rd to 7th day
Due to withdrawl of maternal hormones after birth.
11. Vaginal mucoid discharge

Because of transplacentally acquired estrogen on vaginal mucosa.

              12. Hymenal tags → around margins of hymen

              13. Physiological phymosis