None of the operative videos exceed 5 minutes in duration

(Please spare 2 mins and share this with your friends as well)

Based on the feedback received by students (on Edition 5 videos), I have added more clinical videos/ operative videos (both combined would be 40 in number)to make surgery more interesting to learn. None of the operative videos exceed 5 minutes in duration (have tried to make them as crisp as possible).

Total number of changes from edition 5 - 10-15%

Increase in duration from last edition - 4 hours ( primarily because of the operative/ clinical videos)

If you have done Edition 5 surgery plus edition 5 revision videos, majority (more than 70%)of these updates have already been covered. Rest have been be incorporated in the pearls/ q bank.

Additional images (covered in edition 6) will be covered in the revision videos. So, if you have seen Edition 5 surgery videos & notes - RELAX! don’t watch Edition 6 videos (instead go through Edition 5 revision videos & MCQ discussion and add those extra points to your notes) - shouldn’t take more than 2-3 days and it will also help you revise surgery once again.

Those who have seen Edition 4 and have done the notes -

  1. Watch edition 5 revision videos and mcq discussion twice and add extra points to your edition 4 notes

  2. Do the surgery q bank

  3. Once Edition 6 revision videos are released - watch them 2 times!!

Those starting afresh, please watch Edition 6 videos (plan highlighted in the first video - shouldn’t take more than 8-9 days and share you feedback.