Obesity; Reasons and treatment


Reasons and treatment

Obesity is a physical condition of the human body in which fat goes up on the body, weight gains more and it comes out.

Experts have not yet been able to answer the question why some people are fat? Several investigations have been conducted regarding human being’s fatness or their weight gain.

Every time a new reason comes out. Most people think that a person’s lifestyle, food and drink is always due to sitting, sleeping and not exercising, and he becomes obesity. However, it has also been seen that there are some people in the world who eat all kinds of foods, don’t even do any acre size including sitting for long but still don’t fall obesity.

Obesity definitely causes many problems. Obesity is one of the cause of people dying in developed countries, including developed countries. An estimated 70 % of people worldwide are obesity or extra weight. Victims. People who prefer to stay hungry for obesity or weight loss, they also do different exercise.

It has also been seen that some people suffer from obesity even after eating less food and exercise. The question arises why does this happen and how and what does a person become fat?

Every human body is different. Everyone has a unique ability to absorb nutrients in their body and distribute food into a whole body. We all know how to gain weight. When we have as many calories as we can. If we start eating more calories than this, we start gaining weight but why do we start eating more than needed? Because sometimes it happens that all of a sudden I feel the need to eat too many calories like chocolate or cake.

Although we know that a little later we will regret. Obesity is always a result of over eating. (if no disease). The food we eat if the amount of energy we use daily More of this free amount of grease in our body and causes weight gain. So it’s better if proper exercise is done along with it.

Experts have also found evidence that stress is a major cause of obesity. Over stress our sleep is worse that makes us hungry more and relax by eating something and blood. The amount of sugar is also affected.

A few more reasons for obesity

1 Says smoking affects breathing, it reduces oxygen use. As a result, appetite increases and weight gains.

2 Some families have such unhealthy jeans which increase hunger.

3 The habits and shortcomings of some families affect food and cause obesity.

Sometimes it happens unknowingly and sometimes it has some factors and a human being is also a result of his own mistake. Most important thing is that if the body weight is more, it is less. How to be done. The most difficult phase is to lose body weight. It is relatively easy to gain weight. 90 % of people who suffer from this disease by mistake are called an unusual disease. Rather, it is also called ‘Um Alamaraz’. If obesity is increased, asthma can also be complained. It can be a problem for the heart that the size of the heart was bleeding in the past, now it increases. Is it.

What to do to avoid obesity?

What we eat and drink, we should know how much food our body needs. Food to be eaten when hungry, little hunger left to eat. That’s a great rule Principle followers are extremely sympathetic, stunning, clever, highly moisturized. All their senses work best and they don’t get tired.

A healthy man needs less than 2 thousand calories daily, no matter how much he weighs. The fluctuations are such that a man who knows he needs 2 thousand hawks, but that’s so. Works where he has to sit in office all day or a job that doesn’t have much toil, on the other hand a laborer picks sacks, hoes on the streets or plowing fields, he will need more calories More than the first person, and he has to complete his 2 k calories but majority of us women don’t work hard. Worked a couple hours at home then they have to rest. Hard work Signs that the body starts sweating and the pulse speed faster, the breath speed faster. In this case we can say more energy or more calories spent.

To find out how many calories it is necessary to use a day take your weight in pounds and multiply by 12 If the weight of 100 pounds is multiplied by 12 the answer is 1200 Comes. Means you have to use 1200 calories a day. Use your calories to lose weight at least you will lose weight. This rule is for men. Women in it 15 % of calories will reduce their use. I.e. for 15 pounds they need 1128 calories. If a person weighs 100 pounds and needs 1200 calories, he will be 20 to 15 Day 1000 eating calories stuff.

If you don’t get 200 calories, the calories in the body are accumulated in the form of fat. They will start to get used, so it will start to lose weight. Also using things that can help the stomach. Clear. We should know how many calories in what food contains (e.g. meat and veggies etc) and how many calories to use.

For example, a person climbs the stairs for an hour, uses 1100 heaters, swims for an hour, spends 500 heaters and 550 for running and so uses 60 calories in an hour in sleeping. Happens. Sitting at work uses 90 calories in an hour and if lay down uses 70 calories in an hour. This is how women spend 170-200 calories at home chores And women say they work so much so why not lose weight they don’t use more than 170-200 calories at work. Running an hour fast costs about 400 calories.

Not having breakfast increases weight. Breakfast is a must, even if you eat a biscuit. Like this dinner is also very important. If not eaten, human beings cause psychological problems and sleep also disappears. Afternoon Instead of eating we can eat fruit or salad doesn’t matter skipping lunch but leaving breakfast and if not early the body blossoms.

Eating watermelon before eating food cleanses the stomach and if you don’t get watermelon then eat melon, papaya, sarda, hot any of these fruits before eating (one and a half hours before) to reduce the fat inside the stomach. What causes the stomach to reduce and also reduce weight.