Ortho is becoming very saturated right now?

Ortho is becoming very saturated right now??? What should be preffered as far as good earning is considered?? Med wid DM or fellowship ,Ortho with fellowship, Gen Surg wid Mch Plastic surg or MD TB chest???

Main prob is am unable to find my passion…seriously😣…am like…ready to do above all mentioned…

Orthopaedic❤️ girls will be back of u, just like how they r back of me.))
Saturation is everywhere, choose your passion. Financial struggle is sure deal with this country, whatever u becomes in future, surgeon/physician.

This is not only with Ortho only …Other specialities also have the same condition even in medicine bams bhms is more preferred at periphery over an mbbs or md medicine just becoz they charge less fee …And many more things …And this is now everywhere …

Decent earning is there in all you’ve mentioned. But they’ll take time to come. If you want quick money better take radio. Coz if you want quick money in clinical branches you’ll end up doing unethical practices.