Ow a days radiology seats increasing...MD ,DMRD,DNB

ow a days radiology seats increasing…MD ,DMRD,DNB…
Since there is few supespeciality seats…what will be the future scope of RD…
Will it becomes like an IT profession …
Dynamic changes occuring in RD,so fresh candidates are selected .

Whats ur opinion

Radiology is the least preferred branch in early years
Now due to increased radiologist and tele reporting
Radiology ppl will not get job
Even if job is there there will be a stagnant growth
But clinical branches slow and steadily grow

Nothing like that will be happening in the foreseeable future. Every faculty, especially Dr rajamahendran who’s himself a gastric surgeon is sure that MDRD will remain top branch for years to come. Even Delhi and Mumbai has vacancies for radiologist but not for superspecialist. And with increase in defensive medicine, demand has increased further. Further with advent of Interventional and neurorad, scope of surgery has reduced a bit, especially in metros. Like in my hospital, all varicose veins, PVD, aneurysms, fistula, coiling etc go to IR now as it’s less invasive. And about the increase in seats, radiology has seen seats increase just once 4-5 years back, whereas seats in medicine and surgery almost doubled. Since then radiology seats has remained stagnant. About competition from DMRD, don’t worry. They are only allowed up to sonology in corp hospitals and not cross sectional imaging. Wrt DNB, it’s same as MD, though prefer MD over DNB. There’s a reason why most top rankers have chosen radiology even till last counselling. They have all done their research. But if you want to be a doctor who is exceptional and earns in lakhs per day (basically top 5 in any field in metros), choose something like medicine or surgery or IR followed by SS. But for non- exceptional cases (basically average and above average), radiology will be paying more than other fields even at end of career. I have been in nephrology for past 6 years, but the radiologists still take the cake.