Passed the exam with the SECOND attempt

Passed the exam with the SECOND attempt! This is for everyone that is feeling hopeless, like I was. It gets better. Just keep trying. My first attempt was in March and I felt completely confident. I was so sure of a pass that I had already made plans for plab 2. Unfortunately, it was all false hope and I failed. My first mistake was relying on plabable with the expectation I will pass for sure. It’s a good source for plab but people make it seem that by just doing it, you will pass this exam. The reality is not many, including myself, understand what it means when people say “don’t just do it 3 or 4 times” or “it doesn’t matter what you get in mocks” or “you have to understand the concepts properly”. The first exam did have questions from plabable and since I was used to a certain way, I didn’t think twice about answering. The questions were more difficult than I originally thought because most were similar in topic but maybe I mistook them for what I was familiar with. For the second attempt I thought I’d go and learn everything properly. I got medrevision for extra questions. After going through the concepts once again, I did questions from medrevision sections and little mocks everyday. The questions were a little different and some I have not seen. Whatever the case I just added everything I didn’t know to my own notes so I can have all the points ready to study in the end. After the exam, I felt it was a lot more difficult than the one in March. After failing once, I didn’t have that false sense of confidence anymore. Maybe because this time I saw that the questions were actually twisted in ways that I didn’t realise last time. With that being said, some questions did come directly from plabable and some directly from medrevision and pretty much all of the concepts were covered by both of them. For me practice is key and the more I practice, the better it is. The idea of learning concepts isn’t doing something over and over, it’s actually knowing the answer without looking at the question. For those that are still a little confused, I will help with an example. If you see a question from a topic and you know the answer right away because of the clues given but you don’t know the answer the same way if someone were to ask you the same topic but with different clues, then you don’t know that topic. This is why doing more questions help. The more questions you do, the more you realise which gaps you need to fill. If I were to give any advice, it would be to practice more questions, study like you are going to take the exam early and then study like you already failed the exam. Thank you for all your help and prayers and good luck to anyone doing it soon.