Patient load (9/10)- Being an apex institute

Review of the department of psychiatry, Sms jaipur.

Patient load (9/10)- Being an apex institute, patient load is of ample amount. Whole lot of different cases, full IPDs and good consultation liaison opportunities.

Academics (6/10) - Average. Regular cases and seminars but there will be no spoon-feeding. But on a positive note, you will have many co-pgs and supportive seniors to discuss cases with.

Department and seniors - 4 units, 17 residents from our batch, very supportive environment, non-toxic, will get enough time to maintain the life outside of hospital. (8/10)

Research and non-pharmacological management - Like most places in India, it is a con. Don’t expect much. The ones who are adamant about this will be disheartened but I’ve noticed that the ones who are interested will always find a way to learn!(5/10)

Accomodation - Tricky. First few months you’ll have to manage a Pg outside and expect salary to be credited after first 3 months. Till then, it’s a bit struggle but you will get those facilities and money after a few months. (7/10)

(P.s.- I left my home state, have been working since 3 months in the department and still haven’t regretted a single day. It’s a subjective take from my side. Feel free to DM for more queries.)

Once you get the hostel… its really good… unlike west bengal where you’re given pathetic cardboard walled rooms and multiple one in one room,you’ll have single room alloted there and you’re allowed to have refrigerator and Ac or whatever you need. It’s totally worth the struggle.