Photos Show Doctor Sleeping On The Floor After Epic 28 Hour Shift

I’m a pretty dedicated guy when it comes to work – but after seeing this story I don’t think anyone can claim they’re a harder worker.

Being a doctor is extremely hard work and often comes with very little recognition. These men and women work long hours while under a lot of stress and exhaustion.

This guy, Luo Heng, performed a whopping five operations over 28 hours.

Luo hails from Dingyuan County in China and began his shift with two back to back surgeries overnight.

But he powered through and performed three more across the rest of the day.

Understandably once he finished the mammoth shift he found a spot in the hospital and fell into what was probably the best sleep of his life.

Photos have been posted on the Chinese social media site Weibo with many users praising the guy for his hard work.

He definitely deserves a few days in lieu for that shift.

A junior doctor from the UK, who wished not to be named, told theLADbible, just how hard the profession can be:

“The mental fatigue you suffer for having to concentrate so hard for an on call night shift can be draining but you just have to get on with it.

“During my first on-call I covered just shy of 11km responding to calls across the hospital. Following another night shift, I once fell asleep waiting for the traffic lights at the biggest roundabout leading into Manchester.”

Another junior doctor told us, “so much is expected of each of us at any time. It’s commonplace to be the only doctor looking after a 26 bed ward on our own with various demands from both staff and patients.

“The hours can be relentless and you’d half expect that someone should have at least a bed to lie on after a crazy shift.”

Luo was a legend for doing all those surgeries without must rest – but there have been single procedures which have lasted much longer than his shift.

In 1951, Gertrude Levandowski in Michigan underwent a 96-hour surgery at Chicago Hospital to remove an ovarian cyst.

The four day operation is believed to be the longest in history. Ms Levandowski weighed 616 pounds (44 stone) before the surgery and dropped an impressive 308 pounds.

File photo dated 3/10/2014 of a hospital ward. Fewer than one in 10 NHS nurses feel able to always provide safe levels of patient care, according to a survey.

Doctors had to let the fluid inside the cyst drain out over the four days which weighed 200 pounds.

American Doctor Harry C Emberson says the longest surgery he was scrubbed up for was 18 hours straight while working on a complicated intracranial middle cerebral artery.

He says had to pee into a urinal underneath his gown.

The operating theatre is a place where miracles have been performed. It’s also where some of the weirdest things have been removed from people.

Take Margaret Daalman, a woman from Holland, who came to hospital complaining of stomach pains. The then 52-year-old patient then slyly admitted she had just casually eaten an entire cutlery set. Over the course of the surgery they pulled out 78, yes SEVENTY EIGHT, different pieces of cutlery.

Surgeons in Australia managed to reattach a toddler’s head after it was internally decapitated in a horrific car accident. 16-month-old Jaxon Taylor was terribly injured when the car he was in collided with another vehicle.

The accident broke Jaxon’s C1 and C2 vertebrae – pulling his head from his neck. But after six hours of surgery, doctors managed to reattach the vertebrae using a piece of wire and a piece of his rib.

The operation is similar to the one going to be performed later this year which will be the first official ‘head transplant’. An Italian doctor will lead a team in China which is expected to take 36 hours and cost $11 million (£9 million).