Physiology Solved Objective Questions – Part 1

Q.1. Patient with non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus are not prone to develop ketosis because

  1. Their blood glucose level dose not rise sufficiently

  2. They are obese

  3. Presence of insulin in them

  4. All of the above

Answer: C

Reference: Principles and practice of medicine by Davidson’s

Insulin is always present in Non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus but there is impaired ability of target tissues to respond to the metabolic effects of insulin so there is insulin resistance in this condition ketosis is usually not scan

Q.2. Which is the correct statement for miraculin a taste modifier protein

  1. It simulator pain receptors along with the taste buds

  2. It makes acids taste sweet

  3. The concentration required to produe sensation is very high

  4. All of the above

Answer: B

Reference: Review of medical physiology by William F. Ganong

Can be explained by after reaction and can tract phenomena

Q.3. The V2 receptor shows following characteristics:-

  1. V2 receptors are present on basolateral membrane of the collecting duct

  2. The gene for the V2 receptor is located on the X chromosome

  3. Activation of receptor results in the in section of water channels into apical membrane of cell

  4. All of the above

Answer: D

Reference: Renal physiology by Brace M. Koeppen & Brace A. Stanton

All facts are very already explained

Q.4. What is the wrong statement about air way resistance.

  1. Small air wary offer the maximum resistance

  2. If the radius is halved the resistance increases sixteen bold

  3. The major site of resistance is at the medium sized air way

  4. Resistance is high at high flow rate

Answer: A

Reference: Understanding medical physiology by R.L.Bijalani

The large airway are too large to offer any resistance, the small air way are so numerous thar their total cross sectional area is very large hence they also do not offer much resistance. Thus the major site of airway resistance is at the medium sized air way.

Effect of radius is according to poiseuille’s equation.

Q.5. what is incorrect for brain cells

  1. New neurons borm through out the libe

  2. They are formed in olfactory bulb

  3. They are formed in hippocampus

  4. They are formed in bone marrow

Answer: D