Picture of the day picture of day

Picture of the day picture of day

The Ny̰ws of OTA:

This is one sided, Blue / Black / brown color deep early oil. and usually seen in the parts of the skin which gives the prejudice of trial. means parts of the face.

There are many types of it.

Light (Type 1)

Moderation (Type 2)

Extreme (Type 3)

Two Sided (Type 4).

Come and different parts of the ear can also affect it.

Ota neyos patients should check up annual check up by eyes and skin expert doctor.

About eye and skin symbols

(for example, changes to a quick doctor should go to pain or sight and change the size of skin stains).

It is treated with different types of lesers.

Nevus of Ota:

It is a one-sided, blue-black/gray-brown deep

pigmentation of skin and is typically seen in areas of skin that are innervated by branches of the trigeminal nerve.

It has many types.

Mild (Type 1)

Moderate(Type 2)

Intensive (Type 3)

bilateral (Type 4).

60% have scleral(Eye) pigmentation.

Other sites of pigmentation include the

conjunctiva & tympanic membrane.

Patients with nevus of Ota, should have yearly checkup by eye specialist and educated

regarding the signs of eye and skin

melanoma (for example, pain or visual changes and a newpapule or nodule, respectively).

It is treated with different types of lasers.