Plab 1 September exam 2018 experience

Plab 1 September exam 2018 experience
I passed with a score of 142/180.
Passing score is 115
average score is 118

I used both of plabable and passmedicine and I will write a review about each one of them.

Plabable has the same questions of the 1700, some of swamy/samson mocks, and the recalls. Not only the questions but also a great explanation. So you have to study the explanations very well because we had many questions in the exam that could be answered if you understand the concepts in their explanation.

Before moving to passmedicine review, the most important question is plabable enough ?. If you study the explanation of the questions very well, the answer will be yes but I guess you won’t get a high score. As far as I know, Plab score is not of any importance in your future

Regarding the most under-rated source in Plab exam, passmedicine helped me GREATLY to enhance my medical knowledge. I started solving passmedicine questions after finishing plabable and I only managed to get 40% of the questions right in the beginning. After 3 weeks, I started to get 60 to 70 % of the questions right.

I did 50% of the 1700 questions but I stopped doing them because I felt that plabable has the same questions with better explanation. I didn’t do any of samson or swamy mocks.

All in All, Study plabable VERY VERY well. If you have time do passmedicine instead of doing the 1700 or the mocks. I don’t believe the 1700 or the mocks will add anything new to your knowledge after finishing plabable , but passmedicine will make a dramatic difference (( ONLY IF YOU HAVE TIME ))

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