Please don't be scared about ACL & PCL Surgery it's very very less pain full injury

Please don’t be scared about ACL & PCL Surgery it’s very very less pain full injury, actually doctors injected anaesthesia in lower back, and after surgery, they will give oral pain killer for a week. I’m genuinely share my views on acl injury, 4 years complete of my ACL injuiry and now I’m running, jumping I’m enjoying with my leg so please believe me

Every injury is different and everyone experiences pain differently. I think there was a poll a while back on this group asking which was greater: the initial pain or the pain after surgery, and responses were all over the map.

different people’s different experiences

Pain is individual. I have had 12 surgeries. My ACLR was the most pain I’ve been in in my entire life, over labor and kidney stones. Everyone is different.

Everyone is different; I’m 18 mo PO ACL with meniscus and getting ready for my 3rd surgery on my left knee; new meniscus tear; no Cartledge. Trying to put off knee replacement as long as possible. My pain is daily with no relief; except for when I cycle for some reason I have zero pain when I ride.

Although my experience was fairly benign regarding pain, it isn’t for everyone. The type of graft you have can make a huge difference. I think for most people the initial injury is far less painful than the surgery (mine was not but I had a donor graft). Also, in the US, these are generally done under general anesthesia not spinal blocks.

I had a great block by the anesthesiologist that lasted 48 hours. Acl/mcl injury Jan 21, mcl healed on its own, acl unstable so had laparoscopic acl repair witb allograft. Slept a LOT the first few days. Tylenol/motrin atc and brace off pod1, ace off pod2, walking with crutches up and down stairs now weight bearing with one crutch. 100% extension, modest flexion. Drove today. Sleeping on my side. PT starts Friday,

My injury wasn’t painful at all (full ACL tear). Can be very different for each person.