Please don't pass derogatory comments against Private medical college and FMGE

Please don’t pass derogatory comments against Private medical college and FMGE graduates what ever may have been the route but in the end they are members of our own community, we have seen our own performance fluctuating so wildly with the passage of time, so many factors affect our performance family issues, relationship issues, health issues, financial issues let’s not judge someone or hurt someone based on his or her dismal performance in some exam, let’s be sensitive in our approach, and yes both in sports and competitive exams tables can turn pretty quickly and we have to eat back our own words sometimes, we have found few students passing insensitive remarks against private medical graduates and muted them, just be a little sensitive and considerate towards each other, life is tough for each one of us, with experience we should gain empathy and humility.

Before mentally lynching private college students,please halt to remember the founder of Narayana health and the most celebrated cardiac surgeon also is one of them. Please don’t show your unprofessionalism by disrespecting your own community. Vinay Singh Sir, thank you for the post.