Popularity of Chiropractic is Increasing

Popularity of Chiropractic is Increasing

Chiropractors used to bemoan the fact that such a small percentage of the population was under chiropractic care. But no longer.

More and more, we hear stories of popular sports figures who regularly go to their chiropractor to not only help repair injuries sustained in their sport, but also to enhance their sports performance and to help keep them in top health and physical fitness.
Dr. Oz Recommends Chiropractic

My wife called me in to hear Dr. Oz bring on a chiropractor to treat a member of the audience who was experiencing back pain. You probably know who “Dr. Oz” is, but in case you don’t, he’s likely America’s “most popular” medical doctor right now.

He’s been on Oprah numerous times and he has his own show…”The Dr. Oz Show.” The audience and Dr. Oz watched as a chiropractor treated the patient, and gasped to the sounds of vertebrae being adjusted. He asked the ‘patient’ if she was alright, and she responded that it felt great.

Dr. Oz lists chiropractic as one of his approved approaches to back pain, acknowledging that surgery is only a final alternative when all else has failed.
Dr. Phil Uses Chiropractic Personally

Another healthcare professional popularized by Oprah, and who now has his own TV show is Dr. Phil McGraw.

Yesterday, Dr. Phil had two chiropractors on his show. Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, a doctor of chiropractic and the president of Parker University in Dallas, Texas, and Dr. Patrick DeFazio, a Los Angeles doctor of chiropractic.

Both doctors spoke about the benefits of chiropractic to relieve pain and stress, as well as its ability to prevent health problems. Chiropractic can help you to achieve the goal of being as healthy as you can possibly be.

Dr. Phil had been treated by Dr. Mancini for 14 years, and is currently being treated by Dr. DeFazio. Dr. Mancini recently authored the book, The Power of Self-Healing: Unlock Your Natural Healing Potential in 21 Days!
Athletes Choose Chiropractic

Many professional sports teams have a team chiropractor to help their team members recover quickly from injuries, and to optimize performance of their sport. Individual athletes have sought out chiropractic care for these same reasons.

A research study conducted by Drs. Anthony Lauro and Brian Mouch, published in the Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation, 1991, indicated chiropractic care might improve athletic performance by as much as 16.7% over a two week period. The report also concluded that subluxation-free (no pinched nerves) athletes react faster, coordinate better, execute fine movements with improved accuracy and precision, amounting to an overall better athlete.

Top professionals in every sport are under chiropractic care to increase health and performance. The following are just a few sports stars that utilize chiropractic care.

Lance Armstrong

Joe Montana

Roberto Clemente

Jack Dempsy

Barry Bonds

Evander Holyfield

Michael Jordan

Muhammad Ali

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Emmitt Smith

Charles Barkley

Roger Craig

Jose Canseco

Mark McGwire

Rocky Marciano

Dan Marino

Mary Lou Retton

Olga Korbut

Wayne Gretzky

Tiger Woods

The list goes on and on…
And Chiropractic Will Help You Too!

The bottom line is that if you want to be as healthy as possible, perform at your best level of physical fitness, minimize the risk of injury, and heal quickly from any injury you do sustain, then think chiropractic healthcare. We’re here to help. If you or someone you know suffer from pain, please consider calling us for a free health analysis. We’ll tell you if we can get to the root cause of your pain or symptoms.
Do You Want To Be As Healthy As Possible?

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