Posterior boundary of carotid triangle is

Length of a mature humans spermatozoon is -

a) 50-60 microns
b) 10-40 microns
c) 100-200 microns
d) 300-500 microns

Frontal eye motor area is -
a) 9
b) 2
c) 6
d) 8

The retina is an out growth of the -

a) Mesencephalon
b) Diencephalon
c) Telencephalon
d) Pons

Incissor foramen in the mouth is foramen of -
a) Scarpa
b) Luschka
c) Vesali
d) Stylomastoid

Posterior boundary of carotid triangle is -

a) Sup. Belly of amohyoid
b) Post. Belly of digastric
c) Sternohyoid
d) Sternocleidomastoid

The sensory nerves from the cervix pass through, the-

a) Lumbar 4,5
b) Sacral 2,3,4
c) Pudendal nerve
d) Ilioinguinal nerve

The nerve responsible for the fine movements of the hand is-
a) Radial N
b) Median
c) Posterior interosseous N
d) Ulnar N