Psychiatrist/Neuropsychiatrist are people who does MBBS(Normal doctors degree) and after that MD in Psychiatry

1.Psychiatrist/Neuropsychiatrist are people who does MBBS(Normal doctors degree) and after that MD in Psychiatry.

2.They treat

A.All type of Psychosis,Schizophrenia,Delusional disorders,Acute transient and Psychotic disorders,Cannabis induced psychosis,Post partum psychosis.

B.All type of Mood disorders-Major depressive disorder,Bipolar depression,Bipolar Mania,Cyclothymia,Rapid cyclers of Bipolar,Post partum blues,Post partum depression.

C.Catatonia,Acute dystopias,Neuroleptic malignant syndrome,Serotonin syndrome,Tardive dyskinesia,Akathesia,Tremors.

D.Addiction-Alcohol,Cannabis,Opoid,LSD,Coccain,inhalant,Tobbaco,Internet,Gaming etc.

E.Disorders related to food items-Anorexia nervosa,Bullimia etc.

F.Sexual disorders-Erectile dysfunction,Premature ejaculation,Decrease sexual desire,Paraphillias etc.

F.Behavioural manifestations of all neurological disorders

G.Migraine,Tension type headache,Seizure,Dementia (All are in grey zone)

H.Child psychiatry-Attention deficit hyperkinetic disorder,Autism,Childhood depression,Mental retardation etc.

I.Anxiety disorders-General anxiety disorders,Social anxiety disorders,Phobias,POst traumatic stress syndrome etc.

J.OCRD-Obsessive compulsive disorder,Hoarding disorder,Body dysmorphic disorder,Trichotillomania,Hypochondriasis etc.

K.Stress disorders-Prolonged Grief disorder,Adjustment disorder,Acute stress reaction etc.

L.Dissociative disorder-Dissociative neurological symptom disorder,Dissociative amnesia,Trance and possession etc.

M.Impulse control disorder—Pyromania,Kleptomania,Compulsive sexual behaviour disorder etc.


O.Personality disorders-Narcissistic,Borderline,Obsessive compulsive,paranoid etc.

Disruptive behaviour-Oppositional defiant disorder,Conduct disorder.

We see,Treat and Manage all the Dieases mentioned above.

So We are NOT simple “Pagalon ka doctor”,

We are Mental health professionals

Need to educate the general public
Not here

When a guy has an Imaginary friend, we call it Hallucination…

But when a group of people have same imaginary friend, why do we call it Religion?