Psychiatry: AIIMS MAY 2012

Q-1. Which of the following antipsychotic drug is available as depot preparation?
a) Fluphenazine
b) Aripiprazole
c) Ziprasidone
d) Trifluperazine

Answer: Fluphenazine
Fluphenazine is an older antipsychotic drug that is very effective in the treatment of schizophrenia and available as tablet or depot injection.
Depot injections are often used for people who refuse or forget to take tablets.
However, when compared to newer antipsychotic drugs, Fluphenazine may have serious side effects such as involuntary shaking, tremors, muscle stiffness and is known to lower people’s mood.

Q-2. All of the following are disorders of “form of thought” EXCEPT
a) Loosening of Association
b) Tangentially
c) Thought Block
d) Derailment

Answer: Thought Block
Disorders of “form of thought”:
Loosening of Association
Transitory thinking and desultory thinking
Important points:
Form is structure of thought.
Thought Block is disorder of stream.

Q-3. PTSD is differentiated from other disorders that occur following a stressful incident by
a) Re-experiencing and avoidance of trauma
b) Nightmares about events
c) Autonomic arousal and severe anxiety
d) Episodic occurrence of symptoms

Answer: Re-experiencing and avoidance of trauma
Post traumatic stress disorder:
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that occurs following exposure to a traumatic event.
The most characteristic symptoms of PTSD are re-experiencing symptoms.
Avoidance of reminders of the trauma is another core symptom of PTSD.
PTSD sufferers also describe symptoms of emotional numbing and persistent symptoms of increased arousal.

Q-4. Brain is considered responsive because
a) It has control centers for all motor actions and sensory inputs
b) Its functions are profoundly affected by external environment
c) Every cell of brain has specific function
d) It acts as a closed system, responding to internal stimuli but not the external stimuli

Answer: Its functions are profoundly affected by external environment (?)