Recently saw many of the drs posting about mental harrasement in their first year of residency

Recently saw many of the doctors posting about mental harrasement in their first year of residency.

though pscyhiatry is not my speciality , as a seniour doctor, i would really like to know what excatly is affecting you all

Is somebody ragging you?

Or mocking you or verbal abusements?

Or seniours financially looting you in the name of “ mandatory treat”?

Or is is duity hours?

( in my opinion duity hours cannot be counted as mental harrasement by seniours

It is rather fault in the system which can only be recitified by higher authorities)

Whatever is it, do comment below. And existing seniours, consultants do read the comments from this doctors. May be we can rectify someof it and help them grow.

Kindly post only genuine experiences. Dont make up things. Be honest.

Very good seniors, supportive professors, literally haath pakar k sikha rahe. Abuse n all doesn’t even exist. Proffs ask to go n have meals on time. Almost daily academics, OPD me all the SRs, Professors teach how to examine, what to do in which scenario