Record Wednesday 27 November July 2563 (at 14.00 pm (sighs))

The Embassy in Paris would like to summarize the new breed of corona virus epidemic (Covid-19) in France :fr: as follows.

  1. Record Wednesday 27 November July 2563 (at 14.00 pm (sighs))
  • total of 145,746 test pcr patients (191 increase)

  • treatment at the hospital. 15,680 are 271 new patients with the number of patients who are treated at the hospital. Dropped from 584 previous days (2th) and healed from hospital. Already 66,584 (736 increase)

  • 1,501 bad condition. 32 new patients. It is the 49th day in a row that the total of patients is reduced from the previous day. (49)

  • died at the hospital. 18,620 people (67 increase) died at nursing homes and at social medical center (Ă©tablissements mĂ©dico-Sociaux) (statistically on 26 November. July By a. Public Health will update this section on Friday 29 November. July (sighs))
    ** total of 28,596 deaths (67 increase) **

  1. Economic situation of France

The French Institute of statistics and education (Institute of national de la statistique et des études économiques-Insee) says that the current French economy is starting to rise in many fields such as construction and service industries with lower income loss rate. Only 21 per cent from 33 percent at the beginning of the month. July And more household pay during the first week of lockdown measures lower than the covid-19 crisis. It can’t confirm whether there will continue to be increased. But It is expected to take months before the French economy can be back to its original level.

French GDP rate is expected during the 2th quarter of the year (Apr. Oh, my God. - mi. Oh, my God. ) should have adjusted by 20 percent (after adjusted 5.8 percent in the first quarter of the year), even in case of France’s economy is back to normal in July. July (which is quite low likelihood) but french GDP rate in 2563 should still be adjusted by 8 per cent.

The major obstacle of France’s original economic level comes from public health restrictions and procurement and procurement. In addition, many major businesses cannot be opened, such as hotels (which must be closed due to lack of customers) Restaurant, restaurant. And culture, restaurants and cafés in the province. Green area will be available on 2 June. Oh, my God. According to the way the French Prime Minister will make a statement on 28 November. July Here we go.
3. Public opinion survey on covid crisis management-19

Bfm published public opinion survey (made by elabe institute on 26-27 Nov. July ) that most french people (86 percent) are more concerned with economic situation than the viral epidemic situation (67 per cent with lower rate in order) and 42 per cent of people are concerned for the country’s debts, but 67 percent. Not ready to do more work to help speed up the country’s economic revival. 56 percent of French are concerned with their financial status and 39 % concerned about their employment by private sector employees are more concerned than government officials (58 per cent per cent. 42 percent)

In addition, 40 percent of French trust government crisis management and see that the government can prepare for respite for lockdown measures to 48 per cent (from 33 percent on 5 November. July ), but I see that the government can’t manage the supply of ffp2 and masks and virus detection (only 17 percent for masks and 22 percent for test)
4. Cancellation of hydroxychloroquine

On the 27th of November. July 2563 the French government has issued a decree to cancel the permission of hydroxychloroquine drug to treat patients in hospital. Except in case of the performance experiment of discovery project (Yu’s performance of 4 types of medicines) has been suspended hydroxychloroquine treatment from 24 November 24 Jul 2563

Oh, my God. Maha Thai France has informed details of the schedule about the second round of local elections on 28 June. Sep. 2563 for around 5,000 cities that voters will be able to submit a second round of documents between 29 November. July - June 18 Oh, my God. And will be able to start the election campaign on 15 June. Sep 2563