Remedies that get rid of cough

Remedies that get rid of cough

The person who is suffering from cough is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one Also see who can relax you at home. In fact, some of the common things in the kitchen you can get rid of this disease.

Salt Wạlạpạny̰
Salt is beneficial for the cough due to the germs that reduce the swelling of the throat. Mix half the tea spoon in the salt hot water and mix it well. Share it for 30 seconds from this smoothing. Avoid drinking because it can cause shortage of water in the body. If you need it, please share this picture many times a day.

Hot milk and honey
Another popular home version for cough is the use of a cup of hot milk that includes a spoon of a spoon.

Almond Almond
It is believed that almonds are beneficial to protect the throat problems including cough. For This, add a few tea spoons to the orange juice and drink it and drink it to reduce the cough. The Natural Version will prove.

Black Pepper Tea; wet cough
The Black pepper brings the mucus in the move and brings it to the bottom. to make this tea a tea spoon of black pepper and two tea spoon of honey in a cup and fill it with boiling water and then cover it for fifteen minutes. Do it. Then drink it. This prescription is the best for the cough that is becoming mucus while not suitable for dry cough.

Garlic Tea
Garlic is also a germs which can help relief in cough. Put 3 Cups of garlic in water and then bring it back, when the water is dry, add a tea spoon of honey to it and drink it. - it won’t take a good taste but it will decrease the cough.

Mint Tea
Mint Tea is a part of a my̰ntھwl that opens the groove of the breath and discharges the mucus. The Mint Tea Bags are now common, in which the increase of honey and lemon gland is added to the cough. Can prove.

Note: this article is for providing general information. Readers should also take advice from your doctor.